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been a long time - have an excerpt from RISING WOLF, sequel to BENEATH THE NEON MOON (unedited)

I've been blogging (incredibly infrequent posts, but that's me) at blogspot and have neglected LJ. I actually prefer LJ and want to post here more, but I think blogspot better suits my needs.

Just posting this on a whim - it's the longest bit I've posted up anywhere from the story. Blame clarelondon for it - she sent me a virtual birthday gift here at LJ this morning:) Much love to you, Clare, and thank you!

I'm over 40,000 words on the sequel, still with lots of action to come. The readers who wanted back story and more info on the wolves are getting it - along with actually finding out Mal and Zach's last names;)

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pumpkins by merton fanatic

Hawaii 5-0 teaches THINGS

thing I did not know: the family and I watched Monday's Hawaii 5-0 and saw this - a fire made using a battery and the foil paper from a pack of cigarettes.

(screengrab from gallicka)

Next thing I know, my 15 y.o. puts a battery in a glass bowl, grabs the foil wrapper from her pack of gum and rips two strips off, holds each strip to the ends of the battery, pushes the other end of both strips together and hello, instant spark, smoke and then fire. Y'all probably know about this, but it's the first I've seen of it:)
pumpkins by merton fanatic

free ebook

Free for a limited time at All Romance ebooks - mobi, PDF, EPUB and HTML

Levi is a vampire, villain and tragedy, a monster made rather than born. He was only a teen when another vampire went rogue and turned him. He's obsessed with his first victim, Jared, who survived the attack.

Jared is in love with his best friend, Jordan, and has been for years. Jordan feels the same--but it's too late. Jared pushes him away, believing Jordan's in danger.

Jordan is crushed until he discovers Jared's hiding something from him. Something that's killing him. And in the meantime, Levi's growing stronger every day, drawing Jared in against his will.


Beneath the Neon Moon sequel

I'm celebrating the start of a writing project - Beneath the Neon Moon's sequel. It's been awhile since I concentrated on writing, and it feels good. It picks up right where I left off. Have the rough draft, very short beginning:

 The screen door fell shut behind them, creaking, heat and humidity swelling it so that it fell short of settling fully into place. Zach reached behind him and absently shoved it shut. Mal stopped in the middle of the living room, looking around him.

The place was at least a hundred years old, floors of hardwood, low-slung ceilings, wide doorways between rooms. Zach's old green couch, sagging in the middle, sat at one end of the room, the outdated TV on the other, with a bookshelf full to overflowing with tattered paperbacks against one wall. Ahead of them, Jasper rushed for the kitchen, then stopped and circled back when they didn't follow, meowing impatiently. His tail curled over his back.

Mal smiled down at the cat. He towered in the low-ceilinged room. His hair was raked off his face, wet with rain, shirt clinging to his skin. He looked at Zach, his face still. Zach looked back, waiting. Mal moved closer, reached up and curled his hand around the back of Zach's neck.

Jasper meowed, his voice high in protest, like a week-old kitten.

Mal sighed. "I could just eat him," he suggested.

Zach stepped close into Mal's body, smiling when he heard Mal's breath catch. "Not funny," he said in Mal's ear. "He's pack, got it?"

Mal laughed a little. "You, me and the cat. We'll strike fear in the heart of wolves everywhere."
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book review - The Traveling Vampire Show by Richard Laymon

The Traveling Vampire ShowThe Traveling Vampire Show by Richard Laymon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It's the story of three teens trying to get into an adults-only vampire show coming to town. Nicely written as far as the coming-of-age theme goes; good Dwight-voice. Lots of longing on Dwight's part for Slim. By the time I got to the end of the book, I didn't care about what happened to Rusty because of what he had done.

It dragged on a bit, but I was okay with that. Some eyebrow raising scenarios were suggested about some of the relationships within the book, which I found interesting (always wanting to peek around corners and discover the dark parts). The scariest part to me was the twins waiting on the road a few weeks before the climatic scenes in the book. I don't know why the twins showed up at the end - it felt irrelevant. Slim was way too unbelievable there at the end, sadly, though I still admire her competence. The ending fell apart/fizzled for me in that it was like a comic book (I love them, but it didn't work for me here).

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update, and TOTAL ECLIPSE

I have a blog at black-bara.blogspot.com, and I really don't utilize either LJ or blogspot as I had hoped. I'd actually thought of shutting this blog down since it's been so long since I posted, but I've been visiting over here this morning. I still like LJ and am very comfortable with it. So I'm thinking if I should continue to split my attention between the two (which will certainly lead me to continue very spotty posts, but I think that's going to happen whether I have one or two blogs), and anyone who wants to friend me can do so at whatever blog they like best.  I think I'll start doing some commenting on books and movies, which will maybe help me to post more.

I watched TOTAL ECLIPSE (1995) last night with Leonardo DiCaprio and David Thewlis. IMDb summary: The
self-destructive relationship between 19th-century teenage French poet Arthur Rimbaud and his older mentor Paul Verlaine.

photo of Arthur Rimbaud (a bit of resemblance between the real AR and young LD?)

Paul Verlaine: (here, the resemblance to Thewlis is limited to the hair and beard style, also the apparent thinness of both)

The movie is striking in characterization, both in terms of the combustibility of their relationship and the way they relentlessly motivate the other to act out. Arthur is young, arrogant, brilliant, scornful of society. Paul is dissatisfied, resentful, and finds Arthur's companionship freeing.

As the relationship turned darker, Arthur found in Paul someone who almost without limit accepted whatever he chose to dole out. As much as I felt LC was at this point in his career undeveloped as as actor (though he had plenty of personal magnetism, of course), I saw something in his portrayal that I enjoyed very much - that he needed someone to draw a line in the sand, and he found himself involved with someone who seemed incapable of doing that. Paul's fascination and worship of Arthur was too much to deal with. Arthur's emotional maturity was undeveloped as yet, that fact hidden somewhat by his intelligence and world-weary persona. Neither of them seemed to consider stepping away from the other as an option. Arthur became more violent and blatantly abusive as time went on, and for awhile, no matter what he did, his behavior was accepted by Paul, who took the bad as well as the good with fervor. When Paul left him, the child he was (such as he was, anyway) was exposed: Arthur stood in the streets, crying and screaming that he'd been abandoned. Fucking nuts, honestly, and fascinating to me.

The movie sells for around $30 now. You can find it cheaper on occasion (which is what I did - I found a non-pirated copy on ebay).
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The War Against Women Is Never Over

Originally posted by morgandawn at The War Against Women Is Never Over
When they marched for the women's right to vote 100 years ago, they were imprisoned, put into straight jackets and force fed until they vomited blood. They fought for your right to own property, to have access to birth control and your right to an education. This video is fun and clever and hits on some hard truths. And it makes you ask yourself...what I am willing to do today to fight back and protect our rights as women and citizens?